Wednesday, July 23, 2014

2014 so far...

This year has been an adventure so far!  We've been through a lot this year and learned many a lessons.  We're still enduring some trials that I know will pass eventually but for now I'm really trying to live life to the fullest..... by my definition anyway.

  I think the most important thing for me is that my family means everything to me.  Their happiness, their smiles, their laughter.  It's a goal in our home now that we laugh at least once everyday.  I think we've been doing pretty good with that goal.  It's forced me to let go of the things that aren't so important and focus more on my children & husband.  

I have to say, I have been enjoying life more.  Just living in the moment with my kids.  What they say, the things they do, the things they see and what's important to them.  It took some getting used to...not always having my way, and doing things when I want them done.  Geez,  I sound like a horrible person but I'm glad I'm doing something about it now.

So.... here's to more fun times with my family, even more laughter, kisses and hugs.  Wide eyes with gasps of excitement & wonder and taking the time to talk about what's important to them.  To getting involved & interested in the things THEY like to do...{like mine craft...slightly cringing}.  And the most important thing... just being TOGETHER!

Gil's car show

Waihe'e waterfall hike

In our front yard rolling and playing around because she wanted to

Waihe'e waterfall hike

Sea life park

50th State Fair

One of the best shave ice places in Laie shopping center

Dole Plantation

Bellows loop trail @ our annual Thiim family camp

Dole plantation

Just riding in Uncle Aaron's car for fun

Helping Tutu Au in her garden

Night swimming at our pool