Wednesday, July 23, 2014

2014 so far...

This year has been an adventure so far!  We've been through a lot this year and learned many a lessons.  We're still enduring some trials that I know will pass eventually but for now I'm really trying to live life to the fullest..... by my definition anyway.

  I think the most important thing for me is that my family means everything to me.  Their happiness, their smiles, their laughter.  It's a goal in our home now that we laugh at least once everyday.  I think we've been doing pretty good with that goal.  It's forced me to let go of the things that aren't so important and focus more on my children & husband.  

I have to say, I have been enjoying life more.  Just living in the moment with my kids.  What they say, the things they do, the things they see and what's important to them.  It took some getting used to...not always having my way, and doing things when I want them done.  Geez,  I sound like a horrible person but I'm glad I'm doing something about it now.

So.... here's to more fun times with my family, even more laughter, kisses and hugs.  Wide eyes with gasps of excitement & wonder and taking the time to talk about what's important to them.  To getting involved & interested in the things THEY like to do...{like mine craft...slightly cringing}.  And the most important thing... just being TOGETHER!

Gil's car show

Waihe'e waterfall hike

In our front yard rolling and playing around because she wanted to

Waihe'e waterfall hike

Sea life park

50th State Fair

One of the best shave ice places in Laie shopping center

Dole Plantation

Bellows loop trail @ our annual Thiim family camp

Dole plantation

Just riding in Uncle Aaron's car for fun

Helping Tutu Au in her garden

Night swimming at our pool

Friday, March 14, 2014

Sicky babies...

These past couple of days have been not so good for us.  My babies have been sick with a stomach bug that might be going around.  Poor Dezi missed his field trip to Sea Life Park yesterday because he was throwing up.  He really tried though, telling me he felt better after he would throw up.  By 12 o'clock lunch time he was done, but then it was Ava's turn and she kept it going till  about 6pm.   I'm just grateful it wasn't really bad!  

Hopefully Dezi will be all smiles when we take him to Sea Life Park as a family outing.  I felt really bad for him and wanted to perk him up in some way so why not make it a family field trip!  

Today the sickness is gone and now just the relaxing and recovering is happening.  Be gone germs and don't ever come back…EVER!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

2013 at a glance….

2013 has been such a fun year for me and my family!   Here is a look back at all our happenings

*Dezi played baseball for the Pony league and enjoyed every minute of it.  Especially when he got his trophy!  Go Braves!

*Gil and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary! 
{And our 30 something birthdays}

*Dezi turned 6 and is growing into such a handsome and smart boy!  He is so caring and loving as well!

*Ava turned 2 in September and is still a little spit fire!  Her BIG spirit and personality is too much for her little body to contain…{wink}

*Dezi started the 1st grade and is getting old to quickly for me to handle.  He is doing well in school although there are days when he fights to stay home with mommy.

*At the end of his Kindergarten year Dezi got the student of the semester award!

*Our family has been enjoying the outdoors more, going on hikes, to the pool, and to the parks and all kinds of different outings.

*Our annual family camp was a blast this year as we added a couple of families to the mix.  

*We went to the pumpkin patch for the first time this year and had so much fun!

*We celebrated my Dad's retirement {for the time being} and also my parents move out to join us in Ewa Beach.  It's nice having them only a couple minutes away.

*Ava has finally took to nursery and goes inside without a fight!

We are so grateful for all the time we have had being together as a family and can't wait to do even more this year! 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Late post...playing catch up...

This mothers day was very simple yet seemed busy.  Gil surprised me with a vase of red roses, a card and some chocolate covered macadamia nuts sitting on our kitchen island.   Dezi made me a very cute paper card from school.  I love those hand made gifts!  Then I made breakfast for me and the kids while Gil slept in till 11:00am!  He worked the previous night so that was his pass.  We then got ready, I went to church while Gil took the kids to my in-laws for a potluck lunch.  I met them later at the house ate real quick then we took off to get lei's and attend the Mililani graduation for his cousin Malina.

In 2012 we did the Great Aloha Run as a family and finished with a 2 hour and 30 minute time.  Or close to it.  Im so proud of the kids.  They did really well.  Especially Dezi.  He walked most of it and right towards the end he started whining a little so Gil and I took turns piggy backing him.

Keeping up with this little girl seems impossible at times but she is such a cute little "tunta" as my family likes to call her.  She has such a feisty attitude and can throw a tantrum like no other child.  She will definitely be the one I will worry about as the kids get older.

The arts and craft bug bit me a while a back and I made birthday blocks for our primary children.  Almost every color you can imagine.  Even glow in the dark ones!

We went on a beautiful hike some weeks ago.  Lulumahu was name of it.  Or at least thats what Gil's brother called it.  It was definitely a long hike with a few iffy parts here and there but we all made it safely and it was gorgeous!

We had sleepovers with cousins and then took them to the bishop museum to see the bug exhibits.  They were both intrigued yet scared.

Don't mind the underwear, that's how Dezi is now a days.  Clothes are apparently to restricting for him.  The craft bug bit Gil too and he and Dezi made a "Chinese Dancing Lion".  This was a diaper box that they spray painted and covered with balls and ribbons.  He loves it!  It's his new passion.  He watches lion dances on youtube with the iPad and tries to copy their moves.  It's funny at times but can also be annoying with hearing the same music over and over again for months and having that thing in your face.

We've kept the tradition alive with Girls night out!  This was for my sister-in-law, Eva's birthday!  Sweet Home Cafe!  A little tiny place that definitely feels like home.  The food there is so good!  And at the end you all share a HUGE bowl of shave ice!

For Grandma Deliz's birthday we took her to the Aulani for the character breakfast.  It was a beautiful place that I would love to stay at but the buffet was ok.  I guess the characters is what makes people want to go there.

We had a fun easter as we do every year.  Coloring eggs at Grandmas house, potluck lunch, then finding the hidden eggs!

We've gone to C.E.C. for some birthday parties...

Visited the Dole Plantation...

Watched some 3-D movies...

Took a few dips in the pool...

Played some mini golf...
{Don't you just love her "Cheese" smile?!}

And supported Malina at her graduation from Mililani High School.

These past months seemed so busy for us.  Especially now that Gil works a night schedule.  We try and take advantage of him being home during the day when we can.  It's good and bad.  Were still here and functioning as best we can, but I hope things will start to calm down once Dezi is out of school.  8 more days and counting!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Offline for too long...

Hello again blogger world!  Oh how I've missed you!  I've been away for so long due to my computer crapping out.  But now I'm back online and loving it.  We've bought a iMac this time and as soon as I figure out how to post pictures I will catch you up on all that has been happening with the Deliz family!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Halloween 2012...

Our Halloween this year was low key.  Little miss Ava was Mini Mouse by day...

and Dezi was T-Rex.....AGAIN!  This kid I tell you, he wants to be the same thing every year.  Oh well.  Dezi's school had a costume parade so we were able to go watch.  They walked around the library building a couple of times and that was it, but he was super excited to show everyone his costume!

And she was Wonder Woman by night.

We "Trick or Treated" around Mililani Mauka and headed home early cause of course they had school the next day.  We wish daddy could have joined us but he started working nights.  Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!

Ava turns 1...

Our little priness is growing so fast!  Ava turned one on September 22 and it just so happened to fall on a Saturday so we got to celebrate her birthday on the actual day she was born.  It was at our chuch building in Ewa Beach.  Everything went great {although I was freaking out the whole time while setting up}.  It was a candyland theme and overall I thought it turned out pretty good.  Vonn Logan did an amazing job on the food as usual and so did the family who supplied the pupu's.

Panoramic view of gym

  My sister-in-laws friend loaned us her sign

  My beautiful sign-in girl

 We had a bouncy house for the kids...

 A cupcake bar with all the toppings you could want...
{We also had a candy bar which is not pictured}

We had "Sparkles a clown" do face painting for the kids...{she's awesome by the way}

We had "Mike the Magician" do a magic show and he was also awesome.  Then we also had games and crafts for the kids.  We sang happy birthday to the ONE YEAR OLD {gosh I can't believe it!}  Then let her dive into her little cake.  She didn't really "dive in", it was more like tenderly moving the icing around and looking at it.  By the end of the night she had had it and just wanted to sleep.   I couldn't blame her cause felt the same way.  I think everyone enjoyed themselves and am grateful for those who helped and came out to celebrate with us! 

Ava Kairi, daddy and I are so grateful to have you in our lives.  Your spunky spirit and fun loving, wild personality fills my days with smiles and laughter!  You are a gorgeous daughter of our Heavenly Father and I pray that he will always bless you with nothing but the best!  We love you always, always!

Love, Mom and Dad